Analysis is a very important part of the software development process. It plays a vital role during the development of a new system or modification of the existing system. Analysis provides information regarding the proposed or the existing application or system and facilitates understanding of the whole process.

During the analysis phase, facts and data are gathered, interpreted and the information is used to diagnose the problems and the requirements for the development are recommended. Analysis generates information regarding the equipments, purpose, demands and operation conditions of the proposed solution. The primary objective of analysis is to define the objectives, and conditions of operation along with the various constraints expected.

In addition to the technical analysis, it is also necessary that a feasibility analysis is also conducted to develop a solution strategy which is well suited to the client by keeping in mind the technical, economic and technical feasibility of the proposed solution and its impact on the client’s requirements. Analysis provides valuable information to the developer which enables them to design a suitable architecture which can be worked upon to create the proposed custom solution well suited for the client’s needs and allowing it to be deployed with minimum modifications to the existing system.


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