An application, app, or application software is computer software that is especially created to help user perform certain tasks. An example includes accounting software used by a specific company to audit its sales. Apps can either be separately published or comes with the computer as part of its package. A majority of app programs typically deal with documents. Many users though prefer bundled applications because of the convenience of never installing one.

An application can be compared to middleware and system software which integrates and manages the capabilities of a computer. The system software works hand in hand with the app because it serves the app which can then serve the user. Application software uses the power of certain system software or computing platform to a specific purpose. Many applications like Microsoft Office are offered in different versions for different platforms while others come in narrower requirements. 

Basically, the ultimate goal of an application is to help users perform an activity faster, accurately and reliably. It can manipulate graphics, numbers, texts, or a combination of the three depending on the kind of activity it was intended to. Applications can fall into two categories specifically vertical and horizontal applications the former being used popularly in companies and department stores and the latter designed for niche products and specific business types.


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