Software development, also known as software application development is the process of development of a software product which includes the whole process right from the stage of conception of the desired software till the final product.  Software development involves conducting initial research or requirement analysis, evaluation, system designs, creating prototypes, modifications, coding, review, testing, and finally operation and maintenance. The different kinds of software generally developed include custom software to address specific requirements of the clients and or other commercial or open source software for personal use.

Software development starts with the basic market research to understand the requirements of the client, which have to be gathered to frame the software development process. The problem needing to be addressed by the software solution is analyzed and a software architecture or design is created for the software. The software architecture and design will be the blueprint for the software that needs to be developed. All the logic and software elements will be integrated in it. Once the blueprint is done, the codes have to be written, also known as programming, coding or implementation of software.

Testing is an important stage, which generally follows the implement phase. The software created is tested by executing it using different values to identify any bugs and to ensure the functionality and quality of product. Once testing is done it will be deployed followed by any maintenance if necessary.


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