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Ecommerce or electronic commerce is basically the buying or selling of goods and services online or other electronic systems. Over the years it has also been used to refer to online marketing, servicing and other methods and applications for selling products and services online. Ecommerce has become very important for many businesses across the web. Some of the most common ecommerce are online shopping, online banking, purchase of tickets online, ordering and payment systems and group buying. 

As the span of internet is growing ecommerce shall continue to grow alongside it that more applications and processes will be created for it. Ecommerce is also applicable, if not more so, to large corporations and big and well established businesses as they exchange electronic data with other businesses and with their own branches. The different types of ecommerce today are business-to-business or B2B, business-to-consumer or B2C, business-to-employee or B2E, business-to-government or B2G, business-to-machines or B2M, consumer-to-business or C2B, consumer-to-consumer or C2C, consumer-to-administrator or C2A, government-to-business or G2B, government-to-citizen or G2C, government-to-government or G2G, manager-to-consumer or M2C and peer-to-peer or P2P. 

When it comes to ecommerce, online sellers are distinguished between pure-click companies and brick and click companies by having no physical stores or do not exist as a firm, while brick and click are companies that existed as stores or firms and have decided to offer online ecommerce. Ecommerce businesses save money on sales taxes and money to pay salesmen. 


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