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A landing page is a web page that attracts the attention of the visitors and makes them do or act upon what is offered by the site. Landing page or lead capture page is actually one page and appears when the user clicks an advertisement or other advertising campaign, such as links on advertising emails. It is used by many businesses in creating sales leads, which they hope would turn into sales prospect. Through the landing page, the business will be able to gain information about the person, his name and other details, and hopefully eventually make actual sales.

There are actually two types of landing page, the reference and the transactional. The reference landing page provides information that the visitor may find relevant. The transactional landing page actually aims to make the visitor do certain tasks or transaction, hence the name transactional. This may be filling out a form or clicking other parts of the page that hopefully will lead to sale of the product. A good landing page accomplishes this objective by having great leads and copy and by providing exactly what the customer wants when he first clicked the advertisement that directed him to the landing page. Some of the other elements of great landing page include testimonials, ease of use with more use of pictures and videos. 


Free landing page at Avid Locals

If you manage a local tech company such as a web design or IT firm in the United States, or if you're an independent contractor and are looking for an additional place to promote yourself for free, we recommend looking at Avid Locals. Even though the site is new, there are already 10,000+ listings spanning many categories. Since each listing is designated to a local city or metro, small busi...


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