Licensing in any sense means a legal right to use a copyrighted entity for a period of time by compensating the owner of the copyright with the agreed royalties. The same applies to a software license, where in a legal instrument governing the use or distribution of a software which is protected under any form of copyright law is agreed by the owner and the licensee. 

A normal software license grants a user the right to use only one or more copies of a software without the use being considered as copyright infringement.  These licenses also contain restrictions and provisions for the use of the software. Some software licenses come along with the hardware or when purchased off the shelf. Software licenses come of two types, open source software and free software licenses. Softwares which come under the open source software sector also are governed under shareware or freeware licenses and also General Public License or GPL. Open source software allows users to make changes and distribute it freely among other users. Proprietary software licenses come with end user license which differ from software to software. Proprietary software licenses grant licensees permit to use the software with limited rights for a fixed period of time. SaaS of Software as a Service licenses require the user to pay a subscription fee. 


What is the GNU License?

We were recently looking for images for some websites we were building. We're familiar with stock photography websites like and others. However, there is a trove of open license photography and content available under certain conditions. In many cases the content is even available for commercial use. One of the common licenses is the GNU license. It is widely used, especially...


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