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By the end of the 1990s news has become available through round the clock news television channels and through the internet. This created changes in the way journalism serves the public for years. Newspapers are being challenged by the emergence of news websites. Newspaper circulation has started to decline even for major newspapers. Since circulations have declined, profit also has declined and eventually revenues from advertising too have come down. Several newspapers therefore decided to launch their own websites to keep their readers, who they hope would be their new audience or subscribers. This was the start of online newspapers. Generally online newspapers have the same content as the print newspapers. 

News is now delivered by these online newspapers, whether they have hard copy counterpart or not. As more and more readers get their news online and get only the specific news that they want, news as delivered to the public has created different types of online newspapers. Thus, news is also available now through topic-based websites, such as medical news, business news or even other types of news delivery mediums such as news blogs, hybrid newspapers and soft-copy news sheets. News blogs are written by bloggers or the owner of the blog. Soft copy news sheets are similar to the online news websites but are generally about current events and are regularly updated. 


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