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Project management is a discipline that involves planning or assessing, organizing and managing, controlling, and securing resources to attain certain goals. A project typically has a well-defined start and end and this is usually time constrained. These functions are what project management software can ideally do. It is a wide ranging term that covers different kinds of software which includes planning and estimation, budget management, activity schedules, communication, resource allocation, quality control, and documentation which are used to make large projects possible.

As a computer application, project management software simply assists in the maintenance and management of a new or existing project. Software package is used for communicating timelines or milestones, and resources to different sectors of an organization. 

Project management software can be applied as a program that can run on every user’s desktop or it can be a desktop application. It can also be applied as Web application which can be accessed through the web, extranet, and intranet.

Moreover, it can also be used at home for personal project management use, for managing home projects or simply a person’s busy lifestyle. The software can also have a single-user, collaborative, and integrated approach. The best thing about project management software is the simplicity of creating a critical path visualization. 


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