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Applications or software as services (SAAS) is a method of delivery of software to the users. The traditional way of purchase and use of software is that buyers purchase it from stores or online sellers and install them in their computer. As opposed to the traditional method, users or purchasers of SAAS pay subscription to the software company for the use of the software which is hosted centrally by the company. Users then can access this in via web browser anytime and anywhere. This accessibility is one of the advantages of SAAS for many businesses and individual users. 

SAAS is a multi-tenant architecture where in there is the application with its own hardware, network and OS, that is used by all the tenants or the paid subscribers. Purchasers, unlike in traditional software, have no physical copy of the software and instead use the software hosted by the provider. 

Generally, SAAS are capable of customization and can be configured by the customers to meet their specific needs. For example, they can put their logo or change the parameters. Compared with the traditional software, it is also frequently updated for improvement. And most importantly, SAAS allows for collaboration and sharing of information, making it a very useful tools for many businesses especially those that have multiple branches. 


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