Web Based Email Clients

E-mail or electronic mail is a process of sending and receiving digital messages from a person to one or a group or recipients. The email operates throughout the web or other digital networks. Thus, it is simply a protocol which involves, sending, receiving, and storing electronic data. Users can benefit from all of these functions through SMPT or simple message transfer protocol which is the standard protocol used for transferring messages through IP ( internet protocol). Other protocols which allow users to store and retrieve messages include IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol and POP or Post Office Protocol.

An e-mail message is made up of three major components specifically the message envelope, header, and body. The header has all of the message’s control information which includes the author’s email address and addresses or addresses of the recipient/s.  The header’s contents are actually structured into certain fields with names and values. 

At the user’s option, the message body can contain graphics, and HTML or plain text. Email messages are typically encoded in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) text. However, files such as documents and images can also be attached in emails and these are sent in a numbered scheme or binary stream. 


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