Web Feeds

A Web feed also known as news feed is an information format that provides users with content that are regularly updated. A web feed is syndicated by content distributors. This then allows users to subscribe to the feed. 

An aggregation through an aggregator makes a cluster of web feeds available. Sometimes, web feeds are considered as syndicated feed.

Web feeds offer a number of benefits including the fact that users can easily keep track of their content which is a convenient manner of being up to date. Other websites too can easily link to the same content. As compared to constant and continuous pouring in of emails, web feeds offer more advantages. Feeds are immediately sorted since every feed URL possess own specific entry sets.

Another kind of feed is an RSS or really simple syndication feed. It simply keeps a user updated about his or her favorite website. RSS feeds use XML codes that regularly scan website content for updates and shows those updates to anyone who subscribes the feed. These feeds are commonly used in blogs or sites. Once updates are sent a headline and some texts are shown for the subscriber to click the link and read the full story.


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