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A web gallery is a page on the web that shows a collection of pictures, videos, recordings, templates, documents and others with similar formats. Picture gallery for instance is a collection of pictures about a particular topic, place or event. Similarly, video gallery is a collection of videos. Document gallery is a collection of documents that may be in Word Doc format, Adobe PDF format or other formats that are usually used for storing documents. 

Generally in most websites, there are dedicated pages for the gallery. Whether it is picture gallery, video gallery, audio gallery or others websites usually have separate pages for them so that the users will have no problem browsing, finding and comparing the collection. It also allows them to easily go back and find previous items that they have seen from the page. For many online businesses the gallery page is an important tool in showcasing their products. For example, a website design company may actually have web template gallery to show its customers their designs. Certain industries also benefit from having gallery pages on their websites, such as the travel industry. Whether the site is a travel agency site or a government sponsored site promoting travel, a gallery page can show visitors what they can find in a specific place.

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