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Web portals are websites that serve as access sited for related information found on the web. It offers links to other sites in a very cohesive way. For example, links to arts are categorized accordingly. Web portals also offer other common services, such as search engines and emails. There are actually two types of portals, the horizontal and the vertical. The horizontal offers links or connections to wider range of areas or topics while the vertical is focused on one particular area of interest.

Portals gained popularity during the 1990s. At that time many companies built their own portals because for increasing number of users, it serves as their homepage. The popularity and the success of portals died down with the emergence of the dot com bust. Still, there are many very successful portals today that still serve the same purpose. 

Aside from the horizontal and the vertical portal, there are also other types of portals today, such as the personal portal, news portal, government portals, corporate portals, medical portals and others. The success of the portals is attributed to how it simplifies to the users their search for related information. Medical portals for example allow users to find information about specific diseases and health related problems from the most reliable sources. 

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