Web Servers

A web server can simply be defined as a computer which acts as a storage for Internet websites and transports website pages to viewers who requested them. Basically, a web server does web hosting. Each server has a one of a kind address which is called an IP or internet protocol address. This signals other computers that are linked to the internet to locate the server on the immense network. An IP address typically looks like this: This address then connects to a familiar address like. www.google.com.

Web hosts rent spaces on their servers for business or individuals to create their very own websites. The web server then assigns a unique site address to every site it hosts. A web server works like a huge link system. Once a user connects to the web, the ISP or Internet service provider assigns a unique IP address to his computer. When the user clicks on website, it links his browser and requests for the site’s IP address. Information is then sent across a huge network. The moment the request reaches its target location, the web server hosting the site send HTML codes to the IP address of the requesting computer. 

Communications is transported back to the network. The code is then received by the user’s computer and his browser translates the code and displays the web page for him in graphic form.


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