A website is a collection of web pages hosted on web server and accessible through the internet. This can be accessed by anyone who has internet connection on any browser. Today, there are different types of websites dedicated to different functions and purposes, many of which are to sell products and services to the public or the users. There are some that offer subscriptions, such as news websites, academic journal websites, gaming websites and others. Then there are also other websites that are owned and maintained by different entities, such as academic institutions, government agencies, private enterprises, nonprofit organizations and others. These are to provide information about them for the benefit of the public. Many individuals also have also started maintaining their own websites, such as those that offer information, books and others. Blogs, which are a type of personal website, have also gained popularity over the years. 

Websites usually have texts or articles, pictures, videos and audios. Websites today serve many purposes that are mainly for the benefit of the public. Social networking sites, for example, allow users to connect with other users and share thoughts and interests. As particular website gains popularity, the more lucrative it is for the owner. This makes it very important for websites to gain higher ranking on search engines. With higher ranking more visitors visit the site and help in increasing revenue.


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