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A kludge (or kluge) is a workaround, a quick-and-dirty solution, a clumsy, inelegant, difficult to extend, hard to maintain yet effective and quick solution to a problem - Wikipedia.

It's a term we've thrown around for years because in nearly every business we've ever worked in, management wants something quick and dirty right now. They don't want to wait weeks or months for an elegant solution so what ends up happening is that the application gets built, but becomes unmanageable over the long term.

This site is about programming websites, web platforms, web applications, and web development. It's about using software to make things easier and better as well as understanding various software licenses. It's about trying to remove kludges from our code or simply a place to express our frustration when we have to create yet another kludge.

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Free landing page at Avid Locals

If you manage a local tech company such as a web design or IT firm in the United States, or if you're an independent contractor and are looking for an additional place to promote yourself for free, we recommend looking at Avid Locals. Even though the site is new, there are already 10,000+ listings spanning many categories. Since each listing is designated to a local city or metro, small busi...


What is the GNU License?

We were recently looking for images for some websites we were building. We're familiar with stock photography websites like and others. However, there is a trove of open license photography and content available under certain conditions. In many cases the content is even available for commercial use. One of the common licenses is the GNU license. It is widely used, especially...


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